Services and Prices

Dog Walking

Individual walks, tailored to suit your dog’s particular needs.

On walkies with us, your dog will benefit from our undivided attention. We generally walk one-to-one but we're happy to accommodate extra dogs if they live in the same household or if your dog has a special buddy that they are used to walking with. The walks are also especially suitable for dogs that suffer from anxiety who need some extra patience and care.

All new dogs are walked on the lead until we are satisfied with their recall. Your dogs will not be walked off lead without your written consent.

We ask that all dogs is wear an ID tag and that they have been identi-chipped by a vet (now UK law as of April 2016). We also ask that your pet is up to date with vaccinations, for the welfare of your dog and others in our care.

Walk time Prices Additional Dogs
30 minutes £6.50 + £2.50 per dog
1 hour £10.00 + £3.50 per dog

Pet Visits

Whether you are out for the day or away on holiday, our home visits ensure your beloved pets get to keep to their general routine and home comforts.

These sessions are especially perfect for small animals, cats, puppies and kittens, and pets that are older, unwell or in recovery from surgery. Whether you need somebody to pop in to let your dog into the garden, or give them dinner or maybe you require a longer visit, providing extra company, playtime and cuddles... we're there for you.

We can also administer any medications, groom your pet, clean up litter trays or any accidental messes!

Whilst at your home we can also switch on/off lights or the radio, pull curtains, sort post, put out rubbish and recycling, water plants/garden etc. Making sure everything is ready for your return.

2 balck cats sitting on a chair
Visit time Prices
30 minutes £6.50
1 hour £10.00

2 dogs in a field

After each session we like to send our clients a quick text or leave a note to let you know how your pet is doing.

We offer a free initial meet and greet session for all new clients. Allowing all parties to get to know each other and find out some important background information. This session is also used to go through the relevant paperwork.

If you have any queries please get in touch via email.